"SHUBHDA" ...A Helping Hand

A Just World Without Mental Retardation  

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 What is "SHUBHDA" ?


 In the word of Helen Keller :---

* Some people see a closed door and turn away.

* Others see a closed door, try the knoh and if it does not open, they turn away.

* Still others see a closed door, try the knoh and if it does not open, they find a key and the key does not fit thay turn away.

* A rare few see a closed door, try the knoh and if it does not open, they find a key and if does not fit, thay make one.

Let us all at "SHUBHDA" make these keys and fit them in difficult doorways, so that we have all doors open for every body.

Dear Friends,

In this competitve world where each parent aspires his child to be a leader/topper in every field. There is a seperate lonely world of mentaly reatarted children. In their world they lead their llife in their own way gradually and steadily indifferent to other world.

Now people claiming themselves to be intellectuals don’t bother to peep in their world and leave them to lead their

lives themselves. They are engrossed in their own world leading their life tension free. Only few people bother care, to peep in to their world

After having a look into there world one gets surprised to see that they laugh, smile, feel shy, fighys and the next moment they turn into friends. Different from the rest of the children these children have some special style or traits in them.

It is true. Almighty have made some mistake during their creation but have also empowered them with special gift’s and talents, the need is only to identify them and guide them in the right direction and for this they need only your care, skills, support and every effort of yours will help to ,ake their life worth living where they can enjoy this beautiful world with you.

Some sensitive people who have been directly or indirectly have been touched by these children have prepared a platform to bring these children to come forward and give their serveces to this society by those gifts and talent which God have empowered them.

A platform have been planned to help those who have not succeeded to come forward in the race of life. To support them to care for them for humanitarian reason a organization have been formed name :

Society for Humanism and Universal Backward’s Habitation development Activities

Its call "shubhda" 


I am Rahul....