"SHUBHDA" ...A Helping Hand

A Just World Without Mental Retardation  

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  • "SHUBHDA" is committed to fight 0against Mental Retardation and provide healthy world for Mother & Children.
  • To enhance the over-all quality of life of the individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, mental challenges and other neurological conditions to enable them to achieve their fullest protential and intergrate them into mainstream.

  • To develop skills in education, mangaement, training and for gainful employment of disabled individuals in any environment.

  • To empower families and professional with knowledge for better service and legal provisions.

  • To advocate, generate awareness and solicit sustained support through capacity building, networking, advocacy and campaigns aimed at all concerned.

  • To contributed to the knowledge and develop evidence on the issue of disability through continuous research.

  • To reach out to the disabled population in rural and tribal areas.

  • "SHUBHDA" is committed to Just World Without Mentally Challenged Children.